Newbie request: how to open a specific DT note from anywhere

I am less than 24 hours in to DT. I will take the time to learn. But I would be grateful if someone might help with an essential task.

I would like to open one specific DT note from anywhere on my Mac. Perhaps a Keyboard Maestro macro might be good, since DT might be closed when I need access to this file.

Thanks for any suggestions. I am a newbie to KM as well, so if you can provide a script I’d be doubly grateful.

I look forward to scaling the learning curve … thanks

  • Copy the record’s itme link (menu Edit > Copy Item Link )
  • In Keyboard Maestro:
    • create a new macro with an Open a URL action
    • paste copied item link
    • assign a shortcut

I use the note link;
example x-devonthink-item://43725F40-07D8-4CD2-88EA-231767DB6890

Thanks so much!