Newbie seeking to hire a 'consultant' to get me setup on correctly DTP

and also to advise and tutor me on various features –
–will pay well for someone expert and qualified

Whilst I’m not making an offer in answering this post (I don’t feel I qualify as an expert), I think it might be helpful for you to elaborate on what it is you are planning to do with DT. DT is stunningly feature rich, and offers many roads to Rome. Which of those is a good choice depends on personal preferences, but also, I think, on the aim of the game; so using DT for research will probably require a different expert and route than using it for business administration, which in turn might be different to using it for home use. So I think that, to an extent, your expert should probably be somebody with a similar use case. Insofar as you are using software which you would like to have interact with DT, that might also be a factor in choosing your expert.

As an example: I use a specific type of document on an almost daily basis. I am likely the only person on the planet who has set up complex automation using scripts for this specific document, making me the only expert for this use case. Because there is nothing exceptional about me, others could however reach the same goal if needed - they’d just need longer, because they’d have to start at the beginning. On the other hand, I’d be useless if what you want to do is use DT for research purposes, using JS for automation, because the former is only a small subset of what I do with DT and the latter has weird brackets that I don’t understand all over the place.

You get my drift :wink:


You can open a support ticket and outline your questions or areas you’re unclear about.

only interested in file management at this point – perhaps and research and writing in the future

although i have DTP3 set up with 12+ databases and thousands of files, i did this myself and have discovered that there are things i did in setting up that have created issues that need to be vetted and corrected

i also need to setup templates and default settings for things like importing email, note taking, inbox usage, mobile usage and backup

and finally – i need tutorials on basic features

so i dont need and ‘expert’ at this point, just someone who has experience in the above

will pay an hourly rate (of anyone’s choosing) for someone qualified


You can open a support ticket and outline your questions or areas you’re unclear about.

got it – thank you - your support service has always been beyond terrific – im really appreciative for that – however its much much easier for me if someone real time can look at my system first and advise, rather than the back forth of emails and questions and answers ---- once i get a better handle on this, ill be able to ask more specific questions

Thanks for the kind comments.

Open. A. Ticket. :stuck_out_tongue:
I have an option to discuss.

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Agreed! The skills to help you are out here, but you have to be more specific about what you want to do.

Actualy, (sorry Frog) I would not suggest opening a support ticket before finding out what the community here can do for you.

Yeah, I think Jim might have an option to discuss. No harm done checking that out. Just saying :crazy_face:

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ok – how owuld you like to do that?

Who are you referring to now - @arasmus?

im confused – replying to your “Open a ticket i have an option to discuss”??

Yes, please open a support ticket at DEVONtechnologies Support.

“Arasmus backs slowly out of the room…”

Hi, did you find someone to solve your problem? I have similar problem and I’m looking for expert or qualified person to help me. Will pay

Welcome @JoeN

What are you specifically looking to learn?

JoeN – yes i did find someone – the response from Bluefrog is always spectacular for specific questions — however, as a new user, i needed tutorials on how to get organized and then on some basic functions – email me at if youd like contact details – as it probably inappropriate to use the forum for that