Newbie with a simple question

Just yesterday we stumbled upon this package and because we believe it can be usefull for us we downloaded a trial version.

I imported a few links from Safari into DevonThink Personal version.
But not all the links look the same in size and font (some are in italic, others are bold, etc.).

How can I make them all look-a-like? I looked at the preferences and changed a few things but nothing happenedd.


Looks like an erroneous preconception.

In fact, DT Pro uses different fonts for the names of content items to convey important information.

A unique item’s name is rendered in regular black font.

An item that’s a duplicate is rendered in bold blue.

An item that’s a replicant is rendered in red italic type.

aha… I understand.

I presume this also means I can’t change the look then?

We are gathering links to websites and put them in specific categories. F.i. a website in place A doing some cruises. We want to put this link in the category Cruises but also in the category Place A.

With the different looks of all the websites gathered in these categories, it rather looks a bit cluttered. Is there a trick to go around this?

Thanks for the quick answer by the way. I was not able to find the answer myself.


We really don’t want you to be able to get around that visual distinction between unique, duplicate and replicant items.

To do so could have unintended consequences. For example, if you change any one instance of a replicated item, you change all instances. So it can be very important that you can identify and understand the nature of replicated contents. You can make changes to a duplicated document without making changes to the other copy(s). But note that if you make sufficiently large changes, the item will no longer be a duplicate of any other item (and the other copy of it, assuming there’s only one, will also revert to normal black type, even though both may continue to have the same name).

So please bear with us and try not to be distracted by that visual clutter. As you continue to use your database you will find the distinctions conveyed by those font differences can be very useful to you, and can also protect you from some unintended consequences. :slight_smile: