Newbie Workflow questions

I’ve just started using DevinThinkProOffice with ScanSnap and am already up and running in a few hours.

However I have a couple of (probably newbie) questions regarding workflow:

[1] Let’s say I go to my bank’s statement page using Safari and there is a link to a pdf version of the latest statement. What is the easiest way of importing that into my database? If I just dragged the link, I’d get the URL not the PDF. My current procedure is to (a) open the pdf file in Safari (b) save it to my desktop © drag the file from desktop to DevonThink, then delete the file from the desktop. I’m sure there is a easier way to accomplish this but I couldn’t figure it out.

[2] I decided to use tags only. Now when items appear on my inbox, I drag them to the appropriate tag. However this action doesn’t remove the file from my inbox. My workaround is to create a group called “tagged” and I drag it from the inbox to the “tagged” group. I’d like to avoid the two drag operations, if possible. In other words, once I am done tagging the file, it should disappear from the inbox. Any suggestions?


There are many ways to do what you want. Here’s one.

It’s a good idea to put the link to the global inbox into your Finder sidebar. If you haven’t done this, then use Help > Install Add-Ons > Global Inbox in Save Dialogs.

With that done, your first question. Banks might not be the best example of this, since they often do not permit direct links to statements. But, for any site that does provide direct links to PDFs (or any file type, for that matter), right click the link in Safari and choose “Download Linked File As…”. A Finder dialog will open. If you installed the global inbox in Finder, then the Inbox will appear in your Finder sidebar and you can save the document there. It will be imported to the DTPO Global Inbox in DTPO’s sidebar.

I find the easiest tagging process for is to use the tagging bar. As you type tag names in the bar, DTPO will suggest tags.

I also use TextExpander (other choices are available) to autocomplete groupings of tags that I use frequently.

Korm, thanks for the quick reply.

I still have a question about tagging, though. Regardless of how I tag the file in my inbox (tagging bar or dragging the file to a tag), it remains in my inbox till I move it to another group. Is there a way that it disappears from the inbox after I am done tagging?


Suppose I create the tag under a group called “processed” or “tagged”? Then by tagging the file, will it assign a group and a tag? I guess I’ll go try that now.

Well, that didn’t work because when I dragged a tag under a group, the tag changed into a group too.

I use the “Print as PDF to DEVONthink” functionality to get PDFs directly into DT most of the time.

You can create a group named “processed” and assign the item to that group via the tag bar. First just type the tags that you want, then give it the “processed” “tag” (it’s really a group, but accessible from the tags bar) and then your item will be removed from the inbox.

I was wrong, this creates a replicant instead of moving it.

I use a different workflow.

First, in Preferences > Import - Destination I selected the option to select group.

Each year, I create a new group for my banking accounts, “Banking 2011” for example. WIthin that group I create subgroups as follows: Statements 2011, Checking xxx 2011, Checking yyy 2011, Money Market 2011, IRA 2011, Investment 2011 (non-IRA), Transfers 2011, Credit Card 2011.

I get two sets of online statements each month, which between them cover all the accounts except credit card. I print them as PDF into the Statements 2011 group (a HUD comes up that allows me to select that group for filing).

The Credit Card 2011 group also receives PDFs of statements, plus interim activity reports when I check activity during the month about an item of interest, as well as the transaction report each time I make a credit card payment online.

The other groups might seem redundant, but I use them for specific records during the interims between statements, including receipts for transactions, notes, images of checks related to tax-deductable expenses, donations, etc.

I’ve got another group related to tax matters, which can link as may be useful to items in my Banking groups.

I rarely add tags, as the organization (and, as noted, linked notes for some items) make it a simple matter to find what I need.

My “Global Inbox in Save Dialogs” is grayed out. I can’t check the box.

Probably because the ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox folder was previously created with Install Add-Ons….

Likely possible to drag it to Finder’s sidebar, or remove it (when empty, if desired) and recreate it (and Finder’s sidebar link) with Install Add-Ons…, but I’ve never actually done either.

sjk: Thanks - getting the inbox from the library did the trick.