newby likes it

I’ve been using DTpro just for this week and it has already become an indispensable part of my work flow to such an extent that I now have it open on login and keep it available all through the day.

In this respect I have a silly suggestion/request. DTpros form factor and appearance are so close to Mail that I find myself clicking on the wrong window to bring it to the front when it has got behind other documents: has anybody written or envisaged any skins that could be used to make it differ visually to a greater extent. (Of course, it would need some serious design, not something silly like most skins.)

Just a vague thought as the day ends where I live… :slight_smile:

Under Preferences you can choose another look than Mail. And an alternate color for the lines ( ‘Alternierende Zeilenfarben in Ansichten’ in German).

Concerning the UI you can find a lot of posts here: … a378dc434f