Newcomer question

I want to use Devon for a large documentation. For the problems I study, I used a hierarchical database with a lot of hierarchical levels, sometimes up to 10 levels. In this database I have gathered many documents, and I intend not to loose them passing to Devon.

  1. Is it possible to have folders and/or files together in one folder, and again this folder with other folders and files in an other folder, and again and again… Hox many levels ?

  2. I understand the difference between importation and indexation. As for my work, I use near only dead texts. Only for documentation. So importation is the best ?

  3. It may be that I modify the classification between folders ans sub-folders, grouping and ungrouping folders and files, adding new ones… Is it possible ?

  4. I think I could use several databases (10 or 12 ?). Is Search possible within several databases ?

Yes, as many as you wish.

Your choice. Index results in somewhat lower RAM requirements. Import makes the database more easily portable.

Yes, you are free to modify the organization as you wish.

No, not at this time. The present lack of cross-database searching may or may not be important, depending on how you design your databases. It’s not a significant problem for my set of databases.

Thanks for the answers.

  1. How can I make a link from one file (imported) to another file when the “link” option is dimmed ?And why it is dimmed ?

  2. Having loaded Devon Think Pro and Devon Agent, what shall I do with the “Extras” Folders ?

  3. Where are the two widgets that come with DT ?

Thanks in advance.

One can use linking, e.g. ‘Link to’ only in a document in which rich text can be entered, and of course the option remains dimmed until the rich text origin of the link has been selected.

Save them anywhere you wish, for future reference.

In that ‘Extras’ folder. :slight_smile: