Next document in Full screen mode

I would like :

  • to read a selection of documents in my DTPro database (e.g. about Galbraith : 3 documents) in full screen mode
  • and to read them without leaving the full screen mode : how do I switch to the next document ?

Please excuse me if the answer has alredy been given (I did not find anything)

Thanks in advance

Depending on the view contents and what’s currently open you may be able to do that using the Go menu keyboard shortcuts while in Full Screen. Prior to going into Full Screen mode you may be able to “trick” the Go options by successively opening the windows you wish to see (as you can do in the “normal” view window mode.

I’ll confess that I’m probably the worst person to give advice on Full Screen mode tips and tricks, because I don’t like it, unless I’m working in a photo editing/viewing application. :slight_smile:

DEVONthink users who like the Full Screen UI appear to do so for one or both of these reasons:
Full Screen isolates them from the distractions of other windows and all those commands and options otherwise available, so that they can focus on writing (or reading) to the exclusion of all else; and/or
An alternative display such as green text on a black background results in less eyestrain.
But I’m not easily distracted. I can switch to a “monomaniac” mode when writing or reading, but I also like the richness of the “normal” UI in DEVONthink. So I want See Also, Lookup, or a quick switch to a reference to grab a quotation at my fingertips when I’m writing.

And I don’t have problems with eyestrain while reading black on white text. In fact, the default green on black text of Full Screen triggers unpleasant memories of the primitive DOS of twenty years ago, amounting almost to a feeling of nausea. That distracts me; I hate it.

Anyway, Full Screen presents something of a dilemma. Those who choose it for isolation from distractions don’t want to see many options added, to the point where there’s little or no difference between the Full Screen mode and a “normal” window that’s been expanded to full screen size.

I tried your “bypass” but found it to be… uncomfortable.

The reason I like full screen is the first one (no distraction whatever) ; btw, my preferences for full screen are :

  • width 50% (as close as possible to a book format - 40% would be even better)
  • document background : light grey (like a book, again)
  • font color : very dark grey (d°)

I happen to be monomaniac too (at times…), but still, would find it a pleasure to skim through a collection of documents without leaving full screen mode.

Nevertheless, I understand your comments and appreciate your very fast answer

A bientöt, peut-être

By the way, I met John Kenneth Galbraith many years ago. My secretary had previously been his secretary and introduced us during a campus visit by Galbraith.

He was very tall and lanky.

Happy New Year. :slight_smile: