Next Highlight and clicking in empty space and tabs


I’ve got three questions.

  1. How can I move between highlights in a PDF? The previous and next highlight buttons are grayed out. I’ve made all my highlights using DevonThinkPro itself.

  2. Is there a way to turn off the behavior where when I click in the empty space under my list of groups, the actively shown PDF/other file disappears from view? It’s infuriating as it’s easy to click there accidentally, but also it happens when I’m writing in Scrivener and clicking back to DTP to make it active.

  3. Finally, what is the correct way to open an empty tab? I can’t figure out how to do it unless I select two files and then click open all in tabs. That’s annoying when I have files in different folders. Along these lines, how can I rearrange the tabs? When I try to move a tab to a different place it closes instead.


  1. It’s for search hits, not your highlights.
  2. You can’t turn that off. It’s the root of the database, not a bug.
  3. There currently is no way to open an empty tab or reorder them.


  1. OK, so there’s no way to move between highlights? Yikes.
  2. OK, still very annoying–at least when switching from an empty tab. Is there no way to at least be able to go back to the previous view?
  3. Seems basic for any tab system.

I’m just sharing my thoughts at this point. I appreciate your help!