Next occurrence in "location" search

When searching for a location to “go to” (CTRL-CMD-g) or to “move a file” (CTRL-CMD-m), I find that if I am looking for a location (i.e. a group) which has a name that has been used multiple times in various open databases (for example “inbox”), that I would need to take my hand off the keyboard and use the mouse to select the one I want if it’s not the first instance.

It would be nice if we could have a vim-like movement in this context like n for the next occurrence and p for previous to jump quickly between them without moving the hands much from the home row.

And since I am talking about vim, it would speed up finding the right occurrence to jump to if the occurrences were highlighted on-the-fly.

Congratulations, by the way, for 3.9!

What’s the advantage compared to up/down arrow keys? Works also while the search field has the focus.

For short, single word, less unique names (e.g. “books”) and if they are buried deep, the tree can be very long. I’d say I come across this issue personally about 30% of the time.

Of course I could rename those groups as a work around (e.g. “books 1”, “books 2”) and search bo 1 to hit what I want (I love the partial match implementation BTW), but it’d be nice not to.

I actually use this method to differentiate my inboxes by the way.