Next - Previous trouble in view/entry window


I’ve been working today with a demo of DevonThink and am pretty excited about it.

One observation: I plan to use ‘replicants’ of images a lot. (To gather images from various groups and organising them into ‘lectures’.) When I try this however I’ve been rather dismayed to find that the Next - Previous buttons in the view window don’t move between images stored in the new group of ‘replicated’ photos (ie. the group containing the double clicked image which opened the view window) but instead ‘revert’ back and move between the images stored in the original? master? group (as given in the location box of the info window).

Why is this?


– Paul

Basically there could be a lot of browsers open at the same time showing replicated images in different groups containing different images and maybe using different sorting. Or the image window is opened using search/comparison results without knowing the exact parent group.

Therefore only sometimes it’s obvious which group and sorting should be used. But if we would use this information, things would be confusing in our opinion. At the moment it’s at least consequent - just use always the first parent instance and the chronological order.

Thank you for your quick reply.

– Paul