Next Screencast...

I enjoyed the screencast in the DevonAcademy on DTPO and wondered if there’s a timeframe for the others?

I’ve been wondering the same…

me, too.


As I am the one who produces those tutorials, I feel obliged to answer that one. I will post the next screencast to Eric today. He might be able to integrate it into the Academy tomorrow.

As for the other screencasts that are still down the pipeline, expect another screencast each 4-6 weeks.

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The screencasts are great. I’d love to see more of them. I’ve had DT on my HD for awhile but only started using them recently and the screencasts were a big help in getting to understand what it could do.

@cmeermann: re: .sig:

there’s only one “r” in “Tutorials”. Ain’t English great ;-?

Thanks! If you are interested in seeing more screencasts (on other apps), check out the Visual Helpdesk on my website.

Gosh, it seems I can read… but not type. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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