~ next to files

Im using DT for cataloging pdfs that i have scanned
Ive just upgraded to a macbook
and loaded the ub version
now next to each file in the database - there is a ~ squiggle
I cant get rid of them
When i import a new file it isnt there
The files still link to the original scanned files, and i can open them
Ive tried rebuild data base too

any help appreciated


The “squiggles” are synch symbols. Don’t worry – it’s a good thing. :slight_smile:

Oops! My bad. The above line is wrong. I jumped to the wrong conclusion because I was working in an experimental small Indexed database and had done editing & saving on all the files. So – even though I favor extending use of Bayesian statistics for lots of purposes – extrapolating from prior experience can lead to mistakes. :slight_smile:

As Christian corrected me below, “squiggles” denote externally linked files. They make a good reminder NOT to delete such files if you want to retain their content in your database.

This icon means that the content is NOT stored in the database or its package and therefore only referenced. This should prevent people from accidently deleting still referenced material.