Next Update

When do you expect the release the next update that further addresses the sync issue?

Notably, I would like to see the following bugs fixed:

Global inbox update - global inbox item stays put even though the item is moved to another database.

Intermittent problem with the program not giving me the databases to sync page when tapping on my computer.

Occasional reset problem - when I tried to reset the program, it doesn’t reset. I have to reboot my iPad in order this to work again (4.2.1).

Occasional sync not updating items in DTTG even though the items have been changed in the main program.

I believe these are all highlighted elsewhere in the forum.


We are rolling updates into Apple’s review process as we address the problems you mention. Since we are dependent on Apple’s approval process for releases, it is difficult to give release dates, etc. That said, there should be at least one more update available this month, and hopefully two. We are aware of the issues you (and other customers) rank as high priority, and our efforts are focused on addressing these concerns as quickly as possible (while ensuring that we have fixed one set of problems and have not introduced another set of issues). Improving sync reliability is our number one priority at the moment, and addressing functional issues follows closely behind. We will post notices about new releases (available via iTunes) as soon as Apple posts the updates.

I see we have 1.02. Unfortunately, most of the sync issues and reset issues still remain.

I think a lot of users are frustrated with this issue, and I’m no exception. I’m starting to think I need to find another solution soon.


We are noticing a trend in that users are reporting bugs that have (in our testing) been addressed are still showing up or even appear to have gotten worse. Only when users delete the application from their iOS device and reinstall do they actually get the benefits of the new version. So FWIW, we are encouraging users who are having problems to:

  1. Tap and hold the application icon on your iOS device in the Springboard screen. After a while, the icon will start to ‘jiggle’ and present an ‘X’ in the top left corner.
  2. Tap the ‘X’ in the application icon and select Delete in the popup dialog that appears.
  3. Next time you sync with iTunes, make sure the DTTG application is selected for placement on your iOS device and (iTunes sync) your applications.

This process will remove all traces of the previous version and install a fresh copy of the application on your device. Let us know if this fixes any of the issues you have encountered, or if the issues persist (or the issues have changed in nature).


Regarding step 3 of your process to remove all traces of the previous version of the app so users can install a fresh copy:

Will re-downloading the app from the AppStore accomplish the same as syncing with iTunes?

Thanks for the clarification!


Yes, deleting the application and downloading directly from iTunes to your device is the same as syncing with the iTunes application on your Mac. Note that you will not be charged again for downloading content you have already purchased (as long as you are using the same iTunes account under which the application was originally purchased).

But this also mean the painful task of getting Gb of data back to DTTG (in my case at least). Sync of large databases takes a lot of time because either DTTG or DTPO crashes on multiple occasion during the process. However once completed, incremental sync every day or so works fine (except for the global inbox problem).

Any chance we could replace the app but not download the data again?

Deleting an app in iOS always implies removal of its settings, its data and all other traces of it. There is not much DevonTech could do about that.

So what is happening with the promised updates. I’m still sitting here waiting with a app not worth to use?

I have used DEVONthink since 2006, and I continue to like it and to get great value from it. It works. Thank you.

DEVONthink To Go, however, is just not good enough. It is slow, it crashes, it does not synch. I have filed bugs, I have waited patiently for updates, I have tried again and again.

I really hope than DEVONthink To Go improves and becomes as useful and valuable as DEVONthink Office. When new versions come out, I will try them. I am optimistic about its future. However, today, DEVONthink To Go brings me more frustration than it brings benefit, and it has been deleted from my iPad.

This is information from mid december

“there should be at least one more update available this month, and hopefully two.”

What is happening now, as a user who switched over from a other system when I heard about DTTG I really hope for a solution, not the job to switch system again.

Please some information.

Yeah, I was wondering too about that “not a 1.0.x” update that was promised.
Find in PDF is the one thing next to frequent crashes and sync being less than reliable that would make DTTG finally somewhat useful.

I’m still waiting.

This is the first iOS app out of all of them that has required a total delete in order for an update to work. I’m sorry but I find that hard to believe.

Nonetheless, I tried it, and it did nothing differently.

I love DTP, and I love that DTP has always struck me as being well fitted to the mac os and on top of the technology. Somehow, I’m waiting for DTTG to strike me the same way. It has nothing to do with the UI, the appearance, or finish, but the functionality. Somehow the functionality of DTTG isn’t on the mark I’ve been spoiled to expect by DTP’s performance.

I’m looking forward to the day DTTG gets in the vicinity.

Our next update will be available in one to two weeks. Issues addressed include:

  1. More robust syncing behavior.
  2. Full indexes of documents available to Search feature.
  3. Various bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Thank you for the news, Michael!

DT Office 2.3.2 / DTTG 1.2.3

After my last post (a year ago, give or take two weeks), I thought it was time to come back and look again - maybe the crashing sync issues had been resolved.

No, this combination still crashes on the same database. DTOffice is happy with it and there are no errors on a “Verify & Repair”, but DTTG still crashes on every single sync attempt. DTTG is the only app that I have crash on me in over two months now…

I would submit a bug report, but I am tired of deleting and re-installing, and the last time I submitted a report the approach was very much “end-user at fault”, and/or “apple has a bug, we can’t help”. It might well be my fault (or apple’s), but it is your problem.

Eric, I am a big fan of DT, but I have stopped recommending it to my friends and I am much less enthusiastic about than I used to be.

It looks like you’ve contacted us via Support. Let’s continue this conversation via that avenue.