Nice giveaway at macheist

with the giveaway of devonnote at macheist, the bundle sale last year, and one purchase at work, I have now collected three versions: devonnote, devonthink personal and devonthink pro office

We don’t recommend running two DEVONthink applications on a computer, as that can cause confusion to OS X Services.

But DEVONnote can be run with less risk of confusion at the same time as DEVONthink Pro. As a DEVONnote window can be configured to float above all applications, that can be convenient for making notes and excerpting text from while viewing other applications. The notes created in DEVONnote can be exported, then imported to a DT Pro database, or simply copy/pasted from DN To DT Pro.

If you do use DEVONnote in that way, it would be prudent to always launch DT Pro first, to minimize risk of capturing keyboard shortcuts for Services by DEVONnote.

Thanks for the information, I think I will try DevonNote and DevonThink Pro Office together.

The thing is, I got DevonThink Personal at last years bundle, and it was such a terrific notebook that I stopped using paper notebooks altogether. Having all my notes in DevonThink, I of course had to buy a licence for Devonthink Pro Office when I got a new job, but then I also decided to try to use it to analyze a data set. The problem then occured that my notebook was suddenly busy with a data set so there was no place to write notes… and switching databases all the time was inconvenient too.

So now that DevonNote appeared at the giveaway I thought that I’d see if I could have them both running at the same time.