Nicely formatted search syntax cheatsheet?

Does anyone have a nicely formatted cheatsheet (or similar) summary of the DEVONthink search syntax? I mean something along the lines of this example or this example – a one-page summary of the operators, search prefixes, wildcards, and so on.

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The search prefixes and prefix operators are already documented in Help > Appendix > Search Prefixes and have been since the first release…

There is also the Search Operators section of the Appendix.

These are not really “cheatsheets” such as the examples I gave. The point of a cheatsheet or “reference card” is to fit information on one printable page. The DEVONthink help appendices are good, but contain more details and are longer than that.

Correct. Ours is actually more thorough :wink: … and it does include some examples.

I’m also curious how to next all and any search prefixes.

For example, if I want to do name:x OR name:y, I have to use any: name:x name:y instead of name:x OR name:y for some reason.

However, I cannot do name:x OR name:y AND size>=2MB this way. Is there a workaround for this issue?

Here’s an image demo

In the line “of the following are true”, does it work better if you pick “any” instead of “all”?

And do you really want to search for item names with the “OR” in the name?

Yes. As I wrote, any: name:x name:y works, but name:x OR name:y doesn’t. Which is a bit messy IMO.

I guess my bigger problem is how do nest queries with any:? For example, I want to do X OR (y AND z) but with search prefix. It appears there’s no way of doing so.

There’s a point at which complex searching tends to hurt my brain … :wink:

However, have you tried Compound Predicates as described on page 95 of the outstanding “DEVONthink Handbook”? Get you where you want to go?

My hunch is that Compound Predicates are part of Apple’s macOS as I see same feature in other apps that do searching criteria. But I don’t know for sure.

Yes, I’m aware you could construct such nested quries using the Compound Predicates interface. However, I do feel that it should have a equally capable cli.

I’m not sure if I got your meaning correctly. But when I use the UI to define a search criteria they’re reflected in the “CLI” (for lack of a better word) on top, i.e. the “search bar”.


Dang you’re correct! Thanks for pointing it out!