Nisus Writer Pro and DTPO2 footnote issue

I am really loving Devonthink, it is probably the best $100+ I have spent on software in a LONG time, and by itself has made the switch from Windws 7 to OSX worth it, but sure wish that when you bring a RTF from Nisus writer pro that it would preserve the footnotes that are in the document. Not only do the FNs disappear, but the actual numbers referencing them in the text do as well.

It truly is the ONLY flaw I have seen in this great program. I saw from really old posts in the forum that this is due to DT using the TextEdit RTF feature built into OSX. Is there any way to overcome this? Any future plans to address the issue?

I ask because as a researcher and writer, I am dumping all sorts of reference materials into DT, and using it to not only organize my research, but to engage in basic content analysis (using tags), but it would sure be nice to be able to have the actual writing phase in the program as well.

See this this topic for more info.

Thanks. I did not realize about the Lock function.

I have imported some Nisus files into DT, and then right clicked on Open With to open them with Nisus from within DT. That works, but is just a bit clunky. I’ll have to see about the lock function.

Kind of a bummer that DT loses the formatting.