No access to DT webarchives if internet access is down

I need some help understanding the webarchive functionality in DT.
I have captured a few webarchives; they list as xx kb or Mb in my DT list. So I assume the html code is in my DT database. However, if my internet connection is lost, I cannot access the webarchives :cry: at all.
I thought the whole point is to have my database offline, for whenever I need it…

Can someone please explain?

The web archive format of macOS/Safari has many flaws, especially in case of modern, dynamic web pages. Which version of macOS do you use, which web page did you grab?

My OS is El Capitan, 10.11.5.
One website is
Another one is … noreg.html


I did WebArchives in DEVONthink of theses and they work fine over here when I turn off the network access – other than, of course, the links to other sites do not work. But one wouldn’t expect links like that to work without web access.

Rudd, are you sure you have the latest version of DT? There was a problem with the previous one (I couldn’t view a webarchive without web access), but after the update, it worked.

No, I noticed today there was an update of DT. I will definitely try if it resolves the issue.

I installed the new version, DTPO 2.9.11. It still does not fully work. Here is an example: as webarchive.
I converted the webarchive in a pdf. One with internet connection, one without internet connection (shut down DHCP). The one without internet misses a lot of information. I converted the webarchives into pdf and subsequently to png for viewing here:

Sure wish I could help, but I cannot make this fail.

Just now, I captured with the DEVONthink Clipper from Safari as WebArchive.

I was able to view that capture in a database with, and without, the internet being active. No difference at all.

With the internet turned off I was able to control-click the background of the captured web archive (which was still fully visible) and chose Capture Page > PDF from the contextual menu. The PDF contains all the content of the WebArchive it was captured from.

No problems.

Using 10.12.4 and DEVONthink Pro Office 2.9.11