No automatic preview in Globals/Inbox?

Hello Forum,

I just started to use Devonthink Pro Office. One of the many things I don’t understand is why there is no “automatic preview” for documents in the global inbox. I know I can have a preview of any document by clicking the space bar or the QuickLook button. But much better would be to have the same kind of automatic preview that exists in created databases …

… because I would like to be able to i. e. import a bunch of screen shots, select them one by one, see in the preview pane the content, decide whether to keep them or to delete them, rename them if I keep them, and finally move them to their respective database.

I seem to be not able to do this in the global inbox. Why? Or can I and if so how?

Thanks - desertman

The Global Inbox is a database, so you can set the view options same as any user-created databases. Use the View menu to set your desired layout (Split, Three Pane, etc.) to match what you have in your other database(s).

To expand on Greg’s excellent suggestion, you might want to experiment with the variety of option in the View menu. For example, View > As Three Panes or View > As Split, both of which offer QuickLook previews for any document that is selected in a document list. View > As Split offers the additional feature of providing resizable thumbnails of all the documents in a selected group. Thumbnails can be resized using the slider bar at the top right corner of this view. (See Preferences for options for setting up thumbnails.)

The View panel has other features to experiment with – the Widescreen option, for example, can be used to make even larger previews.

DEVONthink depends on QuickLook previews – the same feature that OS X’s Finder or Spotlight uses. If the author of a particular piece of software that you have installed does not provide a QuickLook plugin for their product, then there will be no previews for those documents available anywhere on your Mac, including DEVONthink.

Beyond previews, to learn more about the software you just bought, it’s helpful to read manual (downloadable from DEVONtechnologies), and Joe Kissell’s books on using DEVONthink. Enjoy your purchase :slight_smile:

Thank you guys! I was almost giving up on Devonthink after just 30 minutes …

I think the manual is not exactly great (to put it mildly), at least not for beginners. I guess I will indeed have to buy Joe Kissel’s book if I don’t want to get crazy while trying to dig into Devonthink.

However, having a preview in the global inbox is great and encouraging me to start to put my thousands of documents which are right now organized in hundreds of folders into Devonthink.

I hope this is hyperbole. DEVONthink is not something you will have full command of in 30 minutes. Be patient and explore the software, the tutorials, and yes, the manual too (as well as Joe’s book if you feel led).

I have had the experience that the Previews don’t work in any database. The fix was just close and reopen Devonthink. Not sure why but it worked.