"No File": missing PDFs

Hi All

I recently opened a database that I have not used since the upgrade to DT3. When I go into one of the folders (HIST 2210 in the screenshot) all of the PDFs say “No File.” And all of the JPEGs seem to be missing as well, though the thumbnails remain.

I am perplexed. I have attached a screenshot that shows what I mean. It also indicates the size of the files which I took to mean that the file was still there.

What can I do? Where might the files be? I should note that all other folders appear fine. It is only one folder–HIST 2210 as seen in the screenshot. That is the only folder from which files are missing.

Thank you

Did you use this database in DEVONthink To Go 2.x or early versions of DEVONthink To Go 3.x this year? Or did you just open the database but it was not synchronized at all? Finally, does verifying the database (see File > Verify & Repair Database…) report any orphaned files?

Thanks for the suggestion to verify and repair. I tried that. There were 142 orphaned files. At least I think that’s what the check said; I hit repair before looking too closely. But it did not solve the problem. The files are still missing.

Regarding your question: I have not used the database at all in DTTG 2 or 3.

The vast majority of the database seems fine and intact. It’s the folder HIST 2210 that is mostly empty. Though there are exceptions: subfolder called Malaria seems fine and the subfolder named Third Plague Pandemic has some complete documents.

If it’s of interest I will note that this database is still on icloud (legacy). I have not uploaded it to icloud (cloudkit) yet. I am not sure why that would matter but I thought I would mention it.



Yikes. If what you say is true, please do not do that. Could be the cause of your issues.

As it says in the DEVONthink Handbook, DEVONthink databases should not be stored in folders that are synced with “cloud” service providers. This is due to the way the cloud syncing will interfere with DEVONthink’s database especially if both are using the files at the same time. To avoid use of a technical term, only “confusion” will probably happen.

Only use the “cloud” service providers to enable “synching”. Synching process puts a special set of files on the “cloud” server for use only by DEVONthink to enable synching your devices.

Did you check the Orphans group afterwards? Does it contain any files which should be used by the existing items that show No File?

Thanks. I am not storing the database in the cloud; I am only syncing b/w computers. All I meant that this particular databases has not been migrated to iCloud (cloudkit), but remains in iCloud (legacy).

Thanks for the clarification that you haven’t changed the sync location.

They are all there! I have been using DTPO since ~2006 and never thought to check for an Orphans group. Many thanks. Now, do I simply move them over and delete duplicates/empty files?

Thanks again


That’s probably the easiest solution.

Any thoughts on why this might have happened so I can prevent it in the future? Thanks again

Did you use the initial versions of DEVONthink To Go 3.0.x?

I have never used this database in DTTG.

Not even in DEVONthink To Go 2.x?

It’s possible I opened it once or twice but I almost never use Devonthink to Go.

Interesting… thanks for the info.

Curious why you ask. Would there potentially be a relationship b/w using it and those files ending up as orphans? Thanks

As the sync engine evolved, there were occasional reports where some of the data may not have synced correctly. That is likely what lead to @cgrunenberg’s question, then my follow-up question as I believe I know where he was going.

Make sense?

Thanks! :grin:

You’re welcome. Cheers!