No full text search

I have juste upgraded to DTTG 3.1.1
The database is synced with Webdav on my synology.
Searching in file names is working correctly, but every full text search gives 0 results.
Any ideas ?
On the Mac, the databases are working well with DT3 Pro.

Are you searching for single words or sentences?

Both. I check a word that is inside a pdf, but no results come out, as if it isn’t indexing the content. The files are added by indexed search on the database of the Mac. I always sync the pdf files to DTTG.

A screen capture of the search in DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go could be helpful.

Ok, I just asked because DTTG only searches alphanumeric characters (unless that changed), so any punctuation in searches, like in quotes or longer sentences, would yield zero results.

This is true of DEVONthink as well, though it indexes a handful of characters. See the note in the Help > Documentation > Windows > Main Window > Search Pane

I see. I think the issue though was that DTTG won’t list any results if you don’t manually remove non-alphanumerical characters.

So, DT will find the following sentence in global search, but DTTG will not:

Over a decade ago, SIRT1 was further identified as a NAD±dependent deacetylase that mediates mammalian metabolic responses to nutrient availability (Imai et al., 2000).

In DTTG, it would only find results, if the following search (or the wildcard *) was used:

Over a decade ago SIRT1 was further identified as a NAD dependent deacetylase that mediates mammalian metabolic responses to nutrient availability Imai et al 2000

And I was merely clarifying that DEVONthink does index a handful of non-alphanumerical characters.

Noted. Just wanted to mention the different behaviors again, as this might have been relevant for OP.
(I assume you guys are aware of this DTTG behavior for possible further improvement.)

I uploaded a screen capture of a pdf, the word is on the right, but it doesn’t find it hitting enter. DTTG doesn’t even seem to search any way. Is there a delay in creating the index ?

  • Did you just import this database?
  • If so, is it large?

I did it 3 days ago. It is about 4 GB, 2000 pdf files

I solved the problem with a complet uninstall of the application. With the automatic update to the latest version something must have happened to the indexes.