"No Groups"

When I search a document, find it, and then “reveal” document, it shows the document together with the files that are in the same folder, however instead of the folder structure, it shows: “No Groups”.

Is this standard behaviour, or is there a way to not only see the file, but also the group it is in?

If you hover the pointer over any document or group the tooltip will appear with the location path shown. The location path also appears in the breadcrumb bar when a document is selected:

Thanks korm,

Do you mean this is standard behaviour and that after search/reveal DT simply doesn’t show the folderstructure?


Doesn’t sound like what I see when I search then reveal the document. Perhaps a screenshot would be helpful? Also, describe how you are searching (toolbar, global search window, etc.) along with what view you are using.

No, I don’t think it’s standard, but I do see both results – sometimes “reveal” hoists the document’s group and I get the “No Groups” display (which merely means the view is hoisted to the bottom of the hierarchy). And sometimes “reveal” shows the document in its group context. I’ve experimented off and on with this and haven’t sussed out why I get both results from “reveal”.

(I’ve been testing using “reveal” in the Search panel. From global smart groups I never get the fully-hoisted “no groups” result.)

So here’s the screenshot. Doesn’t matter how I search: toolbar or global search: same result…

As you can see in the picture, I’m using the three panes view.

Interesting, I don’t recall ever seeing that before. I normally use the Split view but I switched to Three Pane and ran some search tests (Global and Toolbar) and each time I selected Reveal on a searched document, the three panes looked exactly as they would had I navigated to the document manually. BTW, I didn’t see any difference when using the Split view. Sorry I couldn’t be of assistance.

Thanks Greg,

Good to know this isn’t standard behaviour. If nobody can help I will shoot an email to the tech support.

Thanks again.