No highlight words by search results


I test Devonthink for some days.

If I search a word in a document, DT find relevant documents.

The results are listed in the window in the top.

If I open a relevant document there is no highlight word.

So I must scroll in the relevant document.

Is that normal work of Devonthink?

Jochen (.de)

No – in text or rich text files, all occurences of the search term are highlighted. Unfortunately, this does, as of today, not work with PDFs.




Thanks for the quick answer.

I create three new documents in DT.

One .rtf file in DT with copy of text from a file on desktop
One copy of a .rtf file from desktop to DT
One .txt file move from desktop to DT.

I see see highlight searched words in the DT result windows.

So that’s clear.

I thought I can see the highlight words if I open the files.

Why is this not possible with .pdf files ?

DT know what words are in .pdf files.

DT found the relevant document, but doesn’t show the relevant words.

You know users collect often documents with graphics and text from the iinternet.

It would be very helpful I have the same solution as .rtf and .txt.

Maybe I make a mistake and I can store this sites with graphics and text in an other way?

Jochen (.de)

No, the words are highlighted as long as the search pane is open. We do not highlight the words later on. If you want to see which words have been found, simply leave the search pane open.

We can find the words because we extract the text from the PDF, but we cannot modify the PDF for display. Apple can do this, but there’s no API for doing this for third parties like us.

You can – with DEVONthink Professional. We have a “Download site” function which downloads and stores a complete web page together with all images in DEVONthink.




I think this answer is more a political answer.
What is the technical reason that this not works with DEVONthink?
What means API and will Apple support this function?

I have no problem to buy the DEVONthink Professional Application if it works well.
Can I test DEVONthink Professional Application.

What is better to handle?

.pdf or download?

Why is there the .pdf alternative with no support of highlight words when I can do this with the function of download support.

Jochen (.de)

Mac OS X provides the functionality to display PDFs but no functions to highlight words in PDFs. Apples does this themselves, but only in “Preview”. It’s not available for other developers like us. We would have to do it all alone and this would involve modiying the PDF on-the-fly. Not an easy task as PDF is a quite complex file format.

Sure. We will publish a public beta very soon.

Because the .pdf support is not only there for capturing web pages, but for many, many other things, e.g. working with scanned images.




I will wait to the DEVONthink Professional Application and see.

And I saw and learnes following with OS X.

When I open a .pdf with acrobat reader (normal application) or preview, I can search in both applications to a word and the result are highlighted.

And the preview is very good because in the right open list I can see other results with detailed infos.

And when I click in the right list on other resuls, the preview show it direct.

Jochen (.de)