No iCloud Sync Option ??

Hello All:

Playing with the software prior to purchase. Set up fine on my laptop w icloud sync.
On my Mac Pro, icloud sync isn’t an option. Did I miss something? Would really like the ability to access data across devices.


Which version of DEVONthink and of macOS do you use on your Mac Pro? Is DEVONthink enabled in the iCloud Drive options (see System Preferences > iCloud > iCloud Drive)?

First, iCloud syncing was working properly from the initial release of the DT update until about a week ago.

MacOS version: 10.14.2 (both Macs)
DevonThink Pro version: 2.11.2 (just updated from 2.11.1 this morning)(both macs)
IOS: 12.1.1
DT to Go: 2.7.1


@LDunville: I responded here: ICloud sync not consistent between machines