no import of pdf files

I can’t import pdf files into DEVONthink anymore. This problem arised short time ago. Before I that time, I imported tons of pdf files without any problems.

  • DEVONhtink version: 1.9.2
  • Import preference option for pdf and ps is checked
  • pdf option: use integrated pdftotext
  • MacOS X 10.3.8

I reinstalled DEVONthink,deleted the preferences file “com.devon-technologies.think.plist” and checked and rebuilt the database. But the problem stays. Even pdf files, I imported before without problem, won’t import again.

There is no message from DEVONthink, no reaction. Other file types are imported as usual.

What can I do, to import pdf files again :question: Any help is welcome :slight_smile:

I think there is a limit on .pdf files and images that can be imported into DT PE 1.9.2 (10,000?). I can’t remember the exact number or circumstance but I’m sure Bill DeVille will be able to tell you when he sees your query. It is my understanding that this will not be the case in DT Pro when it becomes available.



It sounds as though you’ve hit the limit of 10,000 PDF files that’s set in DEVONthink PE.

I will note your problem to the developers.

Thank you for your answers. The 10.000 file limit was really the problem. I looked at the properties of the database and … it had exactly 10.000 pictures.

After removing some pictures, I was able to import the pdf files. :smiley: