No license during Christmas? (Solved)

Hi guys,

thanks in advance for any bumping replies. :smiley:
I bought Devonthink Personal yesterday, and havent got any license for my softeware, only the payment information. I checked the website that normally the license will be sent within 2 hours or so, thus I guess I am kinda unlucky on this? I bought this is as a Christmas gift to myself…however seems no body in Devonthink could complete my order by sending me the license code…

Any hints or replies will be really appreciated! Thx!

And merry christmas and a happy new year every1.

Hmm. I just registered DEVONnote yesterday or the day before and I received my license very quickly… within fifteen or twenty minutes, I’m sure.

thx, Kalisphoenix. I got 2 emails immediately, both are from share-it!. One is titled Payment Information, and the other is Delivery information. However, I dont really think I find any info. related with my license unfortunately…:frowning:

So you got your license email from Devon-tech? And the email is sent by them automatically, so it’s pretty fast?

Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know whether it’s sent automatically or not… did you get your license?

:frowning: not yet… the explanation may be: Christmas + weekend, therefore no one in the office, or too busy on vacation to check my email (i sent an email to their support)… hopefully they will come back to me next monday…

Enjoy your weekend, Kalisphoenix. :slight_smile:

Got the license, and thank again for all the help! Enjoy the great software!

Some of the delays regarding license code information result from 1) a state of exhaustion by the developers after getting the public beta out the door and 2) a desire for some family time at Christmas.

When registration is purchased at SharIt!, their computer automatically sends information to an automatic DEVONtechnologies server that runs at Eric’s house in Bietigheim-Bissengen, Germany. In turn, that server processes the purchase information and automatically sends out a license code email to the purchaser for each application, i.e., separate messages for a DEVONthink application and for DEVONagent.

Normally, human intervention isn’t required in that process. Normally, the recipient receives the license code information quickly.

Sometimes, though, the recipient of a message doesn’t see a response, because either he/she has a spam filter that automatically rejects or sends to a junk mail folder the license code email. or has an ISP (such as Earthlink) that totally blocks the license code email at the ISP level if the ISP’s spam filter is turned on. We especially hate the Earthlink-type spam filter, or the kind that requires human intervention, such as acknowledgement of a message from the recipient, as the automatic registration server cannot do that. In either case, the recipient doesn’t see the license code email, and we don’t know that.

Suggestion: If you recently purchased a new or upgrade license and haven’t received the license code message, take a look in the junk mail folder. Perhaps it’s there, after all. Or temporarily turn off a spam filter and send a “resend” request – the third “lifesaver” symbol list option on the Support Web page.

But if you still haven’t gotten the license code, by all means send a query about it to Support. That will result in human intervention (but please remember the Christmas hiatus, which is about over).

There’s another registration issue that does require human intervention. That’s when a customer has changed email address since originally purchasing registration, wishes to get an upgrade to DEVONthink 2 and requests an email address change. Eric must go into the registration server database and change the email address, then initiate the license code email. Thankfully, there have been a great many such requests, and Eric is working down through the queue. (I get off easy; I just assign such requests to Eric.)

Because customers who purchased a new or upgrade registration on or after July 1, 2008 are eligible for free upgrade to the corresponding DEVONthink 2 application, Eric set up the server to churn out notifications and new license codes to those customers. That had an initial glitch, and had to be repeated. The server was running at full tilt.

There was one particularly irate response by a recipient of a free upgrade license. He regarded this as unsolicited email and an invasion of his privacy, requesting that he never be contacted again. And so it goes.

Please be patient with us. :slight_smile: