No longer able to configure DTTG 3 bonjour sync location

I’ve had a couple of issues with bonjour sync using the new versions mentioned below. Here are the symptoms I’ve found:


  • constant prompts to login to the bonjour location - even when not syncing.
  • attempted solution *
    • turn off the location when not in use


  • repeated failure to sync over bonjour

attempted solution

  • delete the bonjour location and reconfigure it


  • unable to configure a bonjour location - it is no longer an option in the edit view

attempted solution

  • turn of bonjour on DT
  • shutdown DT
  • shutdown DTTG
  • start DT and enable bonjour
  • start DTTG

DT 3.6.2
DTTG 3.0.3
Catalina 10.15.7



In DEVONthink To Go, select Help > Contact Us to start a Support Ticket. Thanks!


The ‘warning icon’ has disappeared with the upgrade to 3.1.8, however bonjour remains unavailable.