No longer able to convert email to rich text?

Does DT3 no longer allow converting emails to rich text? The “convert” option no longer appears for emails when I right-click on them. Accessing through the Data > Convert menu shows all options greyed out. Converting from rich text to something else still seems possible. Was there an overall change in DT3 (if so—why??) or did I accidentally change a setting somewhere?


Which edition do you use? Only the Pro/Server editions support email archiving, indexing, searching and converting.

Oh. I have regular DT3. That’s a bit frustrating - I bought DT2 Pro earlier this year, and had no problem converting emails to RTF. Then DT3 was released and I accepted the generous offer of a free upgrade (since I had only recently purchased DT2 Pro), but it looks like I’ve lost some of the capabilities that I had with the upgrade? Ugh.

Actually DEVONthink Pro 2 wasn’t able to do this, only DEVONthink Pro Office 2.

Which e-mail client do you use?