No longer able to get into DTTG 3

I can’t get past the following screen. When I click on Manage next to the upgrade option, it just takes me to the App Store subscriptions list, and DTTG isn’t in the list. It would seem that the only way for me to get out of this is to purchase the upgrade now.

Is that true?

Isn’t DEVONthink To Go still functioning?

You are still in the complimentary period.

Having the same experience. Though the words seem to say I am good to the end of the month there is no way past this screen. (iPadOS 14.6 and iPhone IOS 14.7.1)

Welcome @dray61

Yes, you can get past the screen by tapping the thumbs up icon at the bottom of the page.
DEVONthink To Go should still be functional.

Are we talking about the same page? I have looked and looked and cannot find any thumbs-up to hit.

Ahh… neither of you had posted screen captures.

This is the page I’m referring to (and was reported in another thread)

The complimentary period is still active (and the verbiage shows this too ).

Are you going into DEVONthink To Go’s Settings > Your Subscription > Manage to see the page you posted?

No. Starting DTTG3 shows the attached screen (coffee cup at top. Arrow at bottom). Right arrow 3 times and you get the screen attached previously (hand with seedling at top). There is never any opportunity to get to any DTTG3 settings or menus.

Ohh… you just installed it?
It shows the complimentary period is active.

Getting the same thing here.

I’ve had DTTG3 installed since I upgraded from v2.

It looks like the app was auto-updated to v3.1.5 on August 03. I’ve been using it fine all week, until tonight when I launched the app.

Same as the others, I get a few intro / welcome screens, then end up here:

v 3.1.5 — iPhone and iPad

I paid from iPhone today for upgrade, and GTTG on iPhone become working.

GTTG on iPad does not working

It is working on all devices here internally as expected so we assume something more sinister is at work here. Therefore we’d like to send someone with this issue here a debug/test build. If you have a minute to spare to test a theory please IM me. Thank you.

One question to everyone here experiencing this issue: are you only in the free intro or have you, maybe, also paid on another device with your Apple ID?

Today I made payment (for upgrade) from my iPhone

After the payment, DEVONthink

  • working on my iPhone
  • working on my wife’s iPhone (different Apple ID, family registered)
  • not working on my iPad

If you attempt to pay on the iPad (but not confirming purchase) does it clear the problem?

Edit: Not good advice on my part. See DEVONtechnologies | Don't Buy DEVONthink To Go Again!

Our suspicion is that it hits users running the free intro on one device and a paid subscription or one-time purchase on another device within the same Apple ID group.

Hello! I am on free intro option on 2 devices (iphone and ipad) and have the same issue.

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I attempted do this.

I rebooted iPad.

No effect.

No, this won’t have any effect, @Igor_B.

Same here. Paid on iPad, stuck on iPhone with same Apple Id

Update: managed to get into iPhone by doing a one-time purchase for the upgrade on that device

I’ll request a refund when everything is working again :wink: