No more outline funktion in PB8?

Am I missing something obvious or is it no longer possible to create Outlines via the “New->” menu? I cannot find it in the list:

Also in the information window there is now longer a “show status option” for me:

This is what I think it should look like (from the manual):

I had never used outlines until now, and now they seem to have gone - at least for me…

Any ideas??


I haven’t noticed that before. I have noticed that .opml files don’t import as a single file, but as nested groups and text files. Perhaps that’s related?

I don’t see anything in outlines in the upgrader’s guide.


Neither have I found anything. That’s why I was assuming something was wrong on my end…

The checkbox (= that’s what DTP used to call an outline :wink:) with its properties checked/unchecked and shown/hidden is gone with pb8. Instead we have the state column that can be shown (View>Columns>State)and the possibility to mark/unmark an item (Data>Mark>As Marked)).
That should still do for most check-list things.

Personally I was never happy about the usage of the term outline in DTP and found the four possible states confusing. But I hope that the state comes back to the info window (having a column as only means to access it seams strange to me).

That has nothing to do with each other. Importing opml has always resulted in nested groups and files (luckily because my whole workflow depends on it).


So just to make sure: The flag is the new checkbox? That’s okay, I can live with that. However a flagging an item usually has a slightly different meaning for for me compared to a checked/unchecked state.

Probably I will just run my checklists in Things or Circus Ponies Notebook again - I just thought it might be useful to have my tax ToDo-List together in one place with the referring documents…