NO MORE PDF with ClipToDevon or Bookmarklets

I can NOT generate any PDF (neither single page or paginated) from Safari and FireFox.

The Clip To Devon function and the bookmarklets are totally broken when trying to save PDF to Devon.

All the other formats are ok : text, bookmarks (links), HTML, selection

This issue started just after I upgraded to DevonThink Pro Office 2.3.3.

I can only use the Print function of the Safari Browser or of FireFox, and then select “save to DevonThink”. This only generates paginated PDF, that don’t look as the web page looks before transforming it into a PDF.

So I can no longer save the web pages in PDF format as they appear in the browser window. MAJOR ISSUE.


P. Bergen

Just now tried this in Safari on a few sites and was successful with one-page and paginated PDF clippings using the DEVONthink extension (DTPO 2.3.3). Perhaps removing the extension from your browser then reinstalling it (from DEVONthink > Install Add Ons …) would kickstart it back into operation. The quality of clipped PDFs, and even the ability to clip, is affected by the markup and styling of the page, and the browser’s compliance with standards - factors outside the extension’s control.

An excerpt of an email I sent to DT only on Thursday:

“…a follow-up on a forum thread on a problem with the Clip to Devonthink extension/bookmarklet. Here on my machine, neither extension nor bookmark manage to fill the URL field automatically when the extension’s UI pops up. Without the URL field filled in, the extension fails to import a PDF. Assuming that this “bug” would eventually be solved, I’ve used my work-around described in the forum ever since:
Can't Clip to PDF under Lion and Safari 5.1

Extension works fine with the latest Chrome, has failed with Safari since last August.

fyi, feedback from Devontech regarding this matter:
“That’s unfortunately a limitation of Safari if the current tab is not displaying an HTML page but e.g. a PDF document. The recommended workaround right now is to either print such PDF documents to DEVONthink or to save them to the global inbox folder.
Adding HTML pages from Safari should work however (and does at least over here).”