No "New Database" Command


I’ve now posted three messages to DT support, but have received no reply for three days. Please help - here is my problem.

Having used the trial version of DTPro, I decided to purchase DTpersonal, but I could not export my database to the new program as the trial had expired and I couldn’t get in.

Support told me to rename the database “DEVONThink 2” and move it into the library files then open the application. That worked perfectly. I can now use my database.

However, now I would like to build an additional database in DTPersonal, but under the “File” menu there is no “new database” option. Where has this gone? Is this a product of having renamed the original database?

Please help, or at least respond. Alternatively, I’d like a refund.

DEVONthink Personal only supports one database-you cannot create an additional database. A feature comparison chart of the various editions of DEVONthink and DEVONnote are on the Website here.

Well that’s annoying - I wish I’d known that before.

Thanks at least for answering my question so quickly.

That said, you can easily upgrade to DEVONthink Pro for only the price difference should you decide that you need more than one database. There is no handling fee or such.

I don’t need more than one database, but I need to be able to specify where the database is (in an encrypted disk image, for example).

Is there no option in Personal to locate the database anywhere other than the default?

DEVONthink Personal will not look for its database other than in the expected location inside your User Library.

There isa kludge. Quit DEVONthink. Locate the database (the folder named DEVONthink 2) and move it to another location, such as to your Documents folder, or to an open mounted disk image. In that new location, create an alias of the database folder and place that alias at ~/Library/Application Support/.

Launch DEVONthink Personal and it will open the database. Note that you will have problems if the database isn’t available at the new location.