No OCR on PDFs from DTTG

Hi all, any idea how I can automatically OCR PDFs synced to the inbox from DTTG? I scan some files into DTTG using Scanner Pro via the Apple iOS Files App, which works well, but when the PDFs sync to the Mac they aren’t automatically OCRd. I can use a smart rule, but how do I ensure that it only tries to OCR non-OCR’d files?

You could use a smart rule which is executed after synchronizing and looks for PDF documents in your inbox having a word count of 0.

That’s great, thank you.

@cgrunenberg The enclosed smart rules work ok independently, but the Post Office Receipts rule doesn’t trigger once the OCR PDF (from DTTG) has run? The OCRd file just sits in the Inbox?

Smart rules don’t trigger other smart rules, therefore one workaround would be to also perform the second smart rule periodically.

Thanks, I appreciate that smart rules don’t trigger other smart rules, but I thought the Post Office receipt rule would be triggered as the OCRd PDF file would be created?

The OCR action is part of a smart rule, therefore it doesn’t trigger any other smart rules.

Sorry if I’m being dense :slight_smile: I thought that as the OCR rule is in effect creating a new file, the Post Office receipt rule would be triggered as part of that criteria is “Created”?

No. Actions performed by smart rules (like OCR in this case) never trigger other smart rules.

Ah, thank you - I understand.