No OCR using IX500 and ScanSnap Home

just changed for DT3 … ok

when scanning with my IX500 and ScanSnapHome the passed files shows up as “PDF Document” made by “ScanSnap Home #IX500” produced by “macOS Version 10.14.4 (Build 18E2034) Quartz PDF Context”

only if I convert by Hand to searchable PDF - the new file shows "PDF+Text"and made by “Abby FineReader Engine 11”

what am I missing? Help? Suggestions?

the OCR Tab is put to “covert incoming Scans to searchable PDF”

I am using the newest Version in German …

It worked like a charm with DT2 Pro Office (showing up Abby …8) after import …
Thank U, Stefan

It’s a bug of the next beta, beta 2 will fix this.

thanks for your super fast reply!!

I should have written earlier - would have saved me an hour ;-))

… a very tiny second bug (wouldn’t have mentioned it if I wasn’t in contact with you so fast):

if I use the “column-view” - preview an file-info are not shown unless changing to “list-view” and back (hope you understand what I mean)

thank you a lot, Stefan

A screenshot before/after switching might help :slight_smile:

Hi, I´ll try to explain …

As I recognized now ist only happening inside the inbox !

If I use column view to check my inbox no preview and fileinfo is shown - changing the view (i.e. „list" and back) the info is shown

**Look at the film …

If I put the files into the desired folder (seems any folder but the inbox ) the preview/info is shown …

Hope you can repeat this … at the moment no big thing in the workflow … but … ;-))


Indeed, I can confirm this.

The details are probably hidden (see View > Show/Hide Details) and the actual bug is that they’re nonetheless visible after switching views. Fixed in beta 2.