No one wants to sell me DevonThink either :(

Seems to be a recurring topic around here :frowning:

Evaluate the product, wowed by it’s functionatilty (though need some things in the ever “coming soon” pro version), apply for student code with everything asked for and receive nothing back.

Perhaps it’s unreasonable to moan, but I’m used to emailing and getting a same day response from companies eager to sell me their products! my thinking has always been, if they’re not interested in the sale, how interested will they be in later support.

Anyway, hope someone is prompted to read their email box and send me the code. Looking forward to using the product.

The following quote from the Devon technologies main web site may or may not be relevant to your concern:

"DEVONtechnologies Ltd., founded in 2002, headquartered in London, UK, Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany, and Ceske Budejovice (Budweis), Czech Republic…"

Time zones may factor into your service request.

Thanks Fred, but a) I’m in the UK  b) it was a few days ago when I emailed so there’s been easily enough time to discount a timezone difference.

ah well… back to versiontracker to look at alternatives I guess.


I understand your feelings, but I think there must be something wrong accidently or just because they are overworked with the last polishing of ver 1.9. DT normally responds immediately.

You would miss a lot when looking for an alternative - or come back sooner or later. I tested lots of alternatives before I found DevonThink.


I respect your loyalty Maria!  I freely admit that I haven’t yet found a product to compete with devonthink (although as I mentioned, it’s the pro version I really want).

Thing is, I keep reading similar posts to mine and there’s always some excuse… moving, holiday, overworked.

I’m still holding out some hope that they’ll answer one of my emails… in the meantime, fair enough, at least I can use the trial edition so it’s not as if I’m without the application.

Frankly, it’s a compliment that me and others have even bothered to post… If I didn’t really like the application, I would’ve simply gone elsewhere.

You continually refer to "they" – recall that DevonThink is a very small company (what, Christian and who else, nobody?).

So if the company is actually one developer, and he goes on vacation or somewhere else that it’s tough to get email, responses can get delayed.  It would be great if he was available at all times, but I can’t begrudge him for having a couple days away from email… I was just without it for an entire week and boy was it nice  ;D

They as in the company that is making money selling a product. I don’t know how many people there are in any company that I buy things from over the net, but I expect prompt replies without having to know the details of the company.

I’m always amazed how many people spring up to defend a company they feel some sense of loyalty to, but business is business! If you have an email address, you advertise for people to email it, then you should expect to have to keep that address monitored.

This isn’t just me remember, there are others who’ve complained about the very same thing here and elsewhere. I read a review in a local student paper saying how good the product was, the conclusion was buy stickybrain (which I dont intend to do) because at least they reply to email! There are probably countless others who’ve not had prompt replies and have not bothered to buy it, have bought something else or used a crack to circumvent the licensing.

In this day and age if someone offers you money for your software product, you need to snap it up not get round to answering a week or more later.

I hope the company treats this as constructive criticism, though judging by the earlier posts, I rather doubt it. After all, it’s useful to know where you’re going wrong selling your product and it’s a compliment when people take the time to complain rather than go elsewhere.

As a final note, in an attempt to help this company be more customer friendly and this goes for answering emails, going on holiday, posting when a PRO version will be available etc. Accurate customer information. If you really want a holiday and you dont want to answer email, say that somewhere. At the very least have an autoreply saying when you’ll get back.

Anyway point made… devontech, anyone, you have my email address, I’ll resend it just in case and I’ll try to avoid any more moaning here. Thanks!

Keithop, your experience is not mine. I bought my license a week or so ago a midnight; when the next morning I turned on my computer, the license key had already arrived.

I agree with the previous posting. My experience is that DT have an absolutely fabulous product and are extremely responsive to any sensible suggestions … especially so considering their apparent lack of resources.

I’ve expressed this here before, but it is an out and out giveaway at the price being asked. In my view it could justify a price that ranks with Photoshop or Quark … but I guess it would have to be as well known in order to achieve that. But bearing in mind the quality and capabilities of the product, I wouldn’t carp too much about customer service. If you had to pay ten times the price, it might be a different matter!!!

Persevere, and you’ll be glad that you did.


This thread is turning into sort of a general discussion, so here are my experiences. I have been slowly developing a distorted sense of time from using the internet and e-mail - I expect e-mail to be answered instantly and software to be updated constantly. But I’m working to change that. It isn’t healthy for me, or for the person I have expectations of. Humans haven’t changed, just our communications. Remember when we used to write paper letters ? Remember when we used to send paper order forms in the mail and wait for the package to come back the same way ?

My unsolicited and fairly recent wisdom: the license will come when it comes. The update will come when it comes. Enjoy the useful tool you have now.

And let’s not forget that a non licensed copy of DT ceases to function only after 150 hours - one hundred and fifty hours! Fifty hours should be more than enough to decide if DT for you is worth its rather modest price or not. If you decide to buy after fifty hours, you have still a hundred hours left to work freely with DT. Before these hundred hours will have passed, the licence key will surely have reached your mailbox.

I hope thes lines will help to reduce the ‘problem’ (if you can call it that) to its proper proportions.