No PDF-Print Since DevonThink Pro 1.0.2

I use 1.0.2 Pro on my Powerbook with OS-X 10.4.2.
Since I installed that Version of DT Pro the Printing in any application as PDF to DT is no longer working. It calls the Script-Editor and tells me: "Cannot open the Functions-Folder because of not beeing readable or scriptable.
I checked the correct place of my scripts: home/library/pdf services.
Neither the Safe to DevonThinkPro nor the Safe to Printed scripts are working.

I checked the rights of that folder: I can read and write to it…
And, yes, I installed the scripts directly with DT starting the first time and even now one more time…

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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I’ve confirmed your report. Neither of the ‘print to PDF’ scripts installed by DT Pro version 1.0.2 is working. (But the previous Save to DEVONthink script is still functional, if you have it. If so, it’s probably best to rename it, e.g., “Old Save to DEVONthink.scpt”.)

I’ll notice this to Christian.


just open & save the scripts using Apple’s Script Editor and the scripts will work again (it’s a packaging issue, the PDF Services scripts need some HFS data which is missing)

Thank you guys for your as fast as helpful reply.

Nice to have you observing the Forum :slight_smile:

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