No Preview Images for new added PDF Files in DT 3

See attached Screenshot.
Every PDF File I´ve attached in DT 3 hasn´t a Preview Image instead there

is only the PDF Logo.

Is thumbnailing of PDFs enabled, see Preferences > Media? Does Data > Thumbnails > Create add a preview?

Yes it is

There was a second question there.

Which second question?

Does Data > Thumbnails > Create add a preview?

Sorry - didn´t really see the second question…

Yes it does.
Is this the Solution? Does I have to choose this Function everytime after I´ve added a file?

No worries!

I think @cgrunenberg was just checking the thumbnail action was functioning.

Assuming this is an existing database, if you create a new database and add PDFs do they get thumbnails?

In addition, version 3 indexes/thumbnails PDFs in the background now, meaning that right after importing this is normal. Depending on the size & contents the delay might vary from a fraction of a second up to one minute until the thumbnail and index will be available.

I´ve waited over 1hour… and there wasn´t any thumbnail.
I´ve found out a solid 100% reproduction.
Add to the DB a PDF which is secured with a password
Open it via Adobe Acrobat DC Pro and remove the Password in the file and save it
=> no Thumbnail for this file
Same Workflow in DT2 => Perfect Thumbnail

I think that there are many other different Workflows that leads to this problem. Cause I don´t only use Password secured PDF´s.

And after reimporting the file it’s not thumbnailed either? Any chance that you could send a copy of the doc to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks!

I don´t have to reimport the file.
I open it via Context Menu in DT with Adobe DC Pro and save the file directly in the DB.
These files are confidential so I´m sorry that I have to say that I can´t send them to you.