No Quicktime controls in DTPO beta?

Hi there,

ich have problems with Quicktime recordings saved DTPO beta 3 (I think it was in 2 and 1 also.

I import an Qicktime audio file in the database. When I click it, it opens (in the three pane view) in the window and immediatley starts playing. No chance to stop, it because there are no buttons to press.

To end it I have to open another file.

Furthermore, when I click the QT file, opening the contextual menue and press ‘open with’ to open it in QT, it opens it in QT and open it in the DTPO window.

What can I do?

Greetings Marcus

Version 2 is using QuickLook to play QuickTime audio files. However, this is not fully customizable but we’ll try to add at least a play/stop button.

… would be important, I think. At least a basic way of controlling.