no results using "Add to Devonthink ->"

WHen i have a web page open in the devonagent browser, and I use action menu or contect menu “Add to Devonthink,” I hear system sound, but nothing happens. THe “Create PDF” works as described. I am prompted for a group and I’m done.

I hae a DevonThnik database open, and I have reviewed the help docs, videos, and this forum. Seems so simple. Am I missing something?

This is a trial version - does that matter?

You shouldn’t hear a System (error) sound for a successful transfer from DEVONagent to DT Pro.

And no, the demo is fully functional.

Try a few things such as emptying the cache from DEVONagent, quitting and relaunching DEVONagent, or perhaps restarting to clear any cobwebs from your computer.[/list]

Generally, logging out and in again should make the Finder recalibrate the Services system which we use for inter-application communication.

Thank you! That did the trick. Another thing restating the computer fixed, as an fyi for posterity, is that the devonagent and devonthink services menu items did not appear.

Awesome applications.