No Roundtrip for Spotlight Comments on DTPO 2 Imported Doc?

Happy New Year Everyone,

I’d like to confirm importing behavior I’ve observed and ask if this is the plan for going forward.

When I import a Word document containing Spotlight Comments, the comments are imported and moved to DT’s Comments field (observable by View | Columns | Comments). Very good so far. :stuck_out_tongue:

BUT when I go to see the attached comments on the actual imported .doc file (Ctl-Click | Show in Finder | Clt-Click | Get Info) the Comments did NOT stay with the document. :confused:

Soooooo, if I deleted the original after importing to DT (for hard drive parsimony \ organizational simplicity) and chose to later export the document in its native format from the DT db, I’d lose all my hard work in crafting the Spotlight Comments.


Could this be a bug? An oversight? A target for development?

Bottom line for me: I’d like the Comments to stay with the document.

This has been discussed a fair bit. It’s a tricky problem, because many applications “blow away” Finder/Spotlight comments on save.

It’s a known issue that the DEVON folks are working on, but I don’t know if it’s guaranteed to be solved for the 2.0 release. Others have suggested it work with the Ironic Software folks’ proposed “interoperable comments” interface.