No space left on database

Note: You can check the free space for an encrypted database via File > Database Properties.

Thanks everyone for the help. I ended up creating new encrypted database and moving all the data into it.

Glad to hear it :slight_smile:

That’s probably easier than updating to Big Sur and then changing the size of the database :wink:

I just ran into this issue as well, and it is possible to resize an encrypted sparseimage in Catalina. You just have to use the command line (Terminal) instead of Disk Utility:

hdiutil resize -size 12g database.sparseimage

Change “12g” to whatever size you want to resize to – you can use “g” for gigabytes or “m” for megabytes.

Replace “database.sparseimage” with the full path to your renamed database. The easiest way to do this is to type out or paste the command into Terminal, leaving a space after the size (e.g. "…12g "). Then drag and drop the database onto the Terminal window. Press enter and you should be all set.

Just in case, I’d highly recommend making a backup copy of your database before running this command.

Are you suggesting running this while the database is open?