No Spell Check in Title

Spell check is working fine within the article, but not on the words in the title. Is there some way to have spell check on the title of an article as well?

You can enable this via the menu Edit > Spelling > …

Thanks for pointing out the option in menu edit. Then there is a bug (or is it a feature? :astonished: )

In the preference under Edit, there is a check box: “Check spelling as you type”, which only turns on the content material of a file, but not the title.
In addition, via the menu Edit > Spelling > there is “Check Spelling While Typing”. With this turned on, then the title words are also checked.

I think there is some confusion having these two similarly worded options, yet they have different functional scopes. If this is intended to be a fine grain selectable feature, maybe a more explicit labeling would differentiate the two.

I simply check both options, in Preferences and under the Edit menu. :slight_smile: