No treeview in EasyFind?

A friend of mine just mentioned EasyFind to me, and I was hoping (at long last) for a solution to the execrable searching on the Mac.

I was very disappointed to see no treeview in EasyFind. Navigating to where you want to start your search still requires opening up a list, pressing a browse button, and then laboriously drilling down to a directory somewhere. Every time.

Does anyone know of an search app for the Mac that uses a treeview for navigation? As in, select the folder you want to search and press Go? It’s so odd that this simple but important idea is foreign to the Mac. PathFinder doesn’t have it either; its search is just as pathetic as Finder’s.

Thanks for any info!

You can drag & drop folders on EasyFind’s window too.

Thanks. Never would have considered trying that, but it does improve the workflow.

Unfortunately it still means opening up a Finder window, moving it out of the way, navigating to where you want to search, and dragging to EasyFind.

Swap the order and use Exposé (e.g. activated with a hot corner)? :slight_smile: