No undo?

Just about to register Devonnote. Thanks, I’m really happy with it!

There’s just one thing I’m perplexed about that’s not a feature, + is only mentioned sparsely in the forum…

NO undo! I’m referring to manipulating note structure (the title pane with note hierarchy), rather than within the text of a note, which of course does have undo.

I would like to hear if this is planned, or what the issue could be. I’ve seen plenty of cocoa apps that had undo of a similar functionality.

Surely a sophisticated app like this has a reason for this omission, but I hope not, + that is is coming soon!

There may be additional Undo features in future versions. And DT Pro will probably have something like its own Trash so that an erroneous deletion can be reversed.

In the meantime, there’s the kind of Undo that I will always recommend: a backup.

Before I dive into a database with plans for major changes, I first press DT Pro Scripts > Export > Backup Archive.

And after a stint of investing time and energy into changes in a database, at break time 'force" an internal backup by running Tools > Verify & Repair followed by Tools > Backup & Optimize. I don’t rely just on scheduled backups.

Thanks for responding. Yes, I’m a backup fanatic myself. I’m thinking of the convenience of undoing a misplaced drop, etc.

Any explanation why this isn’t implemented?

So you might like Time Machine in Leopard. :slight_smile:

Yes, I do!
Still would love to hear that answer to why no undo.


When DEVONthink was originally developed (for 10.2, IIRC) limitations in OS X would have made undo unreasonably difficult to implement for the 1.x database architecture.

Hi, sjk: Pretty much on target. Undo for groups would have taken lots of memory.

DT Pro 2.0 may add UnDo for groups (not a promise).

Leopard’s Timeline works on saved material. Looks very promising. I think Timeline was the most important single feature of Leopard discussed today. I would hate to be a backup software developer. :slight_smile:

“Time Machine,” actually, and yes, it was very strongly received by the WWDC crowd, as you can see in the videos of the event. Apple has posted a movie showing file restoration in Leopard’s Time Machine.

Also of possible interest is a system-wide service for “To-Do” items.

I guess the most important feature will be full 64-bit support :wink: