No Wiki Links??

Just purchased the app and I’m happy that I have finally got my paws on it :slight_smile:
I’m surprised to see that wiki-style links are not there! I had imagined myself typing up numerous notes on the go which automatically create wiki-style links (same as DTPO2 on Mac). This was one of the main aspects that I was looking forward to. I was hoping that I’d be able to use DEVONthink To Go as a knowledge-base for my work topics and notes while I’m in the office.

Are wiki-style links supported in DTTG? or not?
If not… can I make a feature request for this?

Thanks guys… and many congratulations on your first App Store App

P.S. i also filed a bug report for the Info button. I can’t seem to get it to display the info popover on iPad at all.

I second that, Colin. 'Course, DTPO is such a powerful app that most of us inevitably find that some of our most-used features are missing from DTTG. It’s great that 1.0 is out, but many of us are finding that we’re still waiting for the functionality we’ve been wanting.

I’ve mentioned WikiLinks elsewhere as a “must-have”… along with something like Markdown-style links or at least to have data detection turned on.

The DT folks may find iOS users a fairly restive bunch: we’ve become used to short update cycles, low prices, and we don’t want just to use our devices as satellites/windows into our desktops or laptops–we want to use them as mobile computers. I put up my $15 (a lot by iPhone/iPod standards) to show appreciation and encourage further development as much as for the current functionality.


mikekppp’s recent post, unfortunately buried and easily overlooked in the recent flood of DTTG topics, addresses that.

I’m really looking forward to all the cool future functionality… Especially if we get even more powerful features like DTPO2 has. Wiki links would definitely be a neat addition.

Moderators… how about creating a feature request section in the forums?

The feedback forum is where DT would like to see all feature requests.

Mixed with the problem reports, ugh.