No window, but Act Monitor shows Devonthink running

Strange event:

  1. I had been using Devonthink for days on and off.
  2. I discovered I could not edit some text files in Inbox.
  3. I stopped and restarted Devonthink (beta6 I think).
  4. The menubar widget appears, but no databases are listed.
  5. The Devonthink icon has the little dot below it showing it is running.
  6. No Devonthink window opens. Clicking on the icon or particular databses does not open a window.
  7. Activity monitor shows Devonthink running and using resources.
  8. Been waiting a half hour with no change. System seems to be running fine otherwise. I ran some system tests. Disks check out ok.
    Any ideas?


It is so strange.

  • I can open preferences.
  • I can access the menu.
    But, the application window will not appear.

Were you previously running any edition DEVONthink 2 on this machine/account?

I removed Devonthink several months ago and have been running D3 since then.

I created a new database and can open a window with the new database.
The new database works ok.
No previously existing database opens.

In fiddling with Devonthink I discovered that it had forgotten my license. I put my license information in again and it is working again. It was odd. I was simply using Devonthink and it appears to have forgotten my license while it was open and running.

Please let us know if this recurs, especially if it’s consistently reproducible in any way.