Non alphanumeric characters in document title breaks wikilinking

I frequently use an underscore or an emoji as the first character of my markdown documents. This somehow breaks the wikilinking. The document is suggested in the autocomplete list (after typing two brackets), but after this the link does not work. If the character is not at the very beginning, everything works just fine.

Is this a missing feature, a bug or intended behavior?


We do not suggest using emoji in filenames, in DEVONthink or the Finder.
Groups in DEVONthink support it as there is no corresponding folder in the filesystem.

I’m curious why you’d use this or an underscore to prefix the filename.


I verified this with the underscore. Autocompletion does work…


But the WikiLink isn’t active.


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Inside Groups I often have some kind of Outline File, which describes the topic, lists links and includes other files and images of the group. A little bit like an index.html file.

I want

  1. to have this file on the very top, when sorted by name
  2. to make this file stand out visually, also in other apps like Obsidian.

I achieve both with prefixes.

The next release will fix this issue of Wiki linking based on square brackets.