"non-displaying" item selection?

When selecting multiple items in Note Pad or Outliner views I’m often wanting to select the first item without seeing its content, especially for WebKit-rendering Link items.  Then the next (option|shift)-click for the multi-item selection displays “Multiple Selection” in the content pane anyway, clearing what really wasn’t needed to be seen.

Is it possible to make option-click (or…?) of an item select it without displaying its content?  And (to avoid confusion) probably clear any content from a previously selected item that’s still being displayed?

Also, when double-clicking a group to open a new browser window that group becomes selected in the original browser window.  I’d like some way to inhibit that behavior, too, preserving the original selection.  Maybe it could work that way for non-group items, too?

I haven’t fully thought through implications of all this so it’s still sort of an idea-in-progress. :slight_smile:

A common situation when I’d like this WebLink content suppression is for moving through lists of items with up/down arrow keys.  I don’t want any of the intermediate items to even attempt to load, only the last one once I’ve stopped navigation.

Also see my left-arrow parent group selection request relating to arrow key navigation.

Actually DT does not display the selected content immediately (e.g. you’ll notice this if you press an arrow key and keep it pressed). Maybe the delay before a content gets displayed is too small but didn’t receive any other complaints so far.