None of the 'top level' plugins produce any results

No matter which of the top level plugins I select, it does not produce any results. The plugins are all dated December 2020. Am I missing something very obvious?

What are the “top level” plugins have you tried? and what plug-ins are you see at “lower” levels and do they work for you?

I’m probably not using the right terminology. By top level I mean those that appear as plist files (as opposed to folders) in the DEVONagent Pro Plugins folder. The Google plugins do not find any files, whereas others (DuckDuckGo, Yahoo!, and OpenRadar) seem to find files but produce no results – even for something as topical as “boris johnson.”

The next maintenance release will update some plug-ins, in the meantime try e.g. the Web plug-in instead of the Google one.