Noob problems exporting

I just made my first DT database using DA, and I am doing something wrong. It doesn’t export properly for me. I’m sure it’s a DUI error (dumb user interface) but I give up.

I have made folders in DT for each major topic. Into that I copy RTF items, URL’s from the DA browser and URL’s from Firefox.

Exporting to files and folders is the only thing that works. MS word pages go EOF at the first URL item. Omnioutliner files are odd and unusable. When I try to export an RTF document I get a WTF document instead. :slight_smile:

All I want out of this is a web page or Word document in outline format with my comments and the clickable URL’s.

Why do you think I am having so much trouble with a simple task? I must be missing something basic.

Your preconception that this is a simple task was wrong. :slight_smile:

It’s reasonable to expect that Files > Export > Files & Folders will work every time, regardless of the file types in your database.

It’s not reasonable to expect that every file type will export usefully as a Word document, or that an HTML export will necessarily be useful (although exporting a hyperlink-navigated document such as the Tutorial database as a Web site works beautifully).

A former and sometimes looney governor of Louisiana named Earl Long was credited with this statement: “There are more ways of killing a cat than by stuffing it with butter.”

I gather that you wanted an outline of your database contents showing the hierarchical structure, with the names of the groups and documents, and displaying at least a part of your comments. I can show you how to do that. You also wanted clickable links. I can’t show you how to do that.

Open a view of your database. Select the List view. Using View > Columns pick the columns you want to display.

In the DT Pro menu bar select View > Expand All to expand all groups and subgroups.

While looking at the List view of your database, you can adjust the relative width of the columns displayed. Do that if you wish.

In the menu bar, set printer setup as Landscape.

Now select File > Print. When the Print dialog comes up, click on the PDF button and select Save as PDF. Save the file to your Desktop.

Double-click on the new PDF to open it under Preview. It displays the hierarchy of your database and the names of all the documents and groups. If the Comments field has been selected, you will see a portion of each comment for each document or group.

As my main database has about 20,000 documents and about 900 groups I probably won’t print that list very often, if ever. :slight_smile:

But note that you can produce the same listing for any selected group by opening it in List view in its own window, and it might be very useful to produce such documentation for a project, even if you don’t want to list everything in your database.

Merci beaucoup. PDF’ing is good enough for now. I was driving myself crazier than ol’ Uncle Earl trying to export.

And unlike the ex-governor, if I was committed to an insane asylum I wouldn’t be able to fire the head of the hospital, hire my friend and then have him release me!