Noob question concerning the log

Hi all,

I’m a total noob with Devonthink and making my first baby steps. I tried to import some PDF files and the log spit out two messages which I don’t know what they mean. It just says “no text”, but what does that mean? Maybe that the pdfs consist of image files instead of text?

Do I need to take any action? Or simply ignore those messages?

Sorry, maybe a stupid question but I’m just unsure what the log is trying to tell me.

Here’s the log content:

Thanks for any advice.

Yes, the “no text” message means that the PDF is image-only, and would be a candidate for OCR (if the resolution is high enough) to convert it to a searchable PDF.

DEVONthink displays the Kind of an image-only PDF as ‘PDF’ and the Kind of a searchable PDF as ‘PDF+Text’.

If you are using DEVONthink Pro Office, you can select an image-only PDF that has been captured and then choose Data > Convert > to searchable PDF.

And also, sometimes there’s just no text at all, and no need to OCR it. Think of the log message as a helpful reminder to check things out: if you want to and have DTPO, you can OCR it;but if it’s not relevant, feel free to ignore it.

DEVONthink will manage the PDF whether it has text or not. If there is text, DEVONthink can do better with See Also, autoclassification, and duplicate detection, but it will work perfectly fine managing non-text PDF.

Got it. Thanks for pointing this out. :slight_smile: